You will learn about surf boards, safety procedures and understanding the ocean and it’s currents, as well ashow to read the sets of waves.

Before entering the water you will perfect your paddling and practice popping up and standing, with the board on the sand.

If you are not a beginner, you can learn more tricks from experienced surf teachers who have dedicated their lives to the waves.

Lesson includes use of a soft-top board for beginners and transport to and from the surf location. 

Bring sunblock, swimwear, towel, shorts and t-shirt to surf in.


Where: Depends on wave conditions

Time: 9am or 3pm depending on weather conditions

Guest Fee: $45 per person

Other: Pre booking required. Please provide details of age, height, weight and experience. Expect to be in the water for 2 hours. Transport included.


** All prices in US Dollars
*** Prices subject to change without prior notice