De Moksha Restaurant is our dining area, reflecting our belief that to live well is to eat well. Nestled between rice fields and the river bordering our resort, our restaurant provides an intimate environment to enjoy meals for two or a larger social event with family and friends.

We source the best local ingredients and prepare our meals fresh daily to present you with flavours that reflect authentic Indonesian and Balinese cooking or indulge in our range of fresh Italian inspired meals.


InternationaL Food

Our Western menu offers Italian flavours that are bold and satisfying, yet still light. An ideal cuisine for our tropical climate. It's a celebration of high-quality, flavourful ingredients, respecting good local produce, bought fresh every day to create simple meals with intricate flavours to satisfy your palette.


Indonesian Food

Indonesia is an archipelago that spreads over many islands, each with a unique culture, traditions and heritage; and with their own regional flavours.

At De Moksha's Restaurant, we pay respect to these iconic destinations with 'home-cooked' style meals that provide an appreciation into the rich culinary culture of Indonesia.

Our meals vary by day, so there is always something new to discover.