Happy 2017!

Happy New Year & No Resolutions...

As we watched the magnificent, full moon rise above the jungle, from our raised infinity pool, we contemplated how we could make a success out of 2017. As New Year’s resolutions usually fail due to being derived mostly from the ego, implying we are not good enough as we are, we’ve decided to set intentions instead. This year we aim to serve our higher purpose, which is being of service to the global community. We intend to offer ourselves in support of those who want to be of service to other people and the environment.  

We intend to perfect our mission which is to offer the best service, giving people a luxurious experience in a home away from home in authentic Bali. We intend to support the community by being as mindful about the environment as possible and support organisations that help to maintain the beauty of Bali. We also intend to be the best retreat partners that we can be, ensuring transformational retreats where people are given the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, each other and nature.

So rather than focussing on weaknesses, we will focus on our strengths and aim to excel at them and trust that this will in turn strengthen our weaknesses.

What intentions will you set to have a successful new year?

We wish you a truly wonderful and prosperous 2017 and hope to serve you here at De Moksha. 

Warmest Regards
Everyone at De Moksha Resort

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