Indonesian Cooking Class


Discover the flavours of Indonesia by learning all about the secret methods and ingredients used to create their tantalising dishes. Our cooking classes start with a visit to the local marker to source ingredients.You will learn the various traditional and modern techniques of food preparation and the cooking style used across the country.

Whether you are an experienced chef or new to cooking, be sure you will take away some interesting new skills to impress friends and family back home, sharing with them the flavours of Indonesia. 


Where: De Moksha Main Villa Kitchen

Time: 9am-1pm or 3pm - 7pm

Guest Fee: $55 per person (minimum 2 persons)

Non Guest Fee: $65 per person    

Other: Min 2 - Max 5 pax. Pre booking required. Choose 2 dishes per class from the menu below. Includes transport to and from the market.




*Please choose 2 dishes per class



1. Bakwan Jagung
Indonesian corn fritters

2. Lumpia Sayur
Vegetable spring rolls

3. Tempe Orek
Caramelised tempe

4. Tahu and Tempe Bacem
Boiled tofu and tempe with caramelised sugar

5. Gado Gado|
Mixed vegetable salad with peanut sauce

6. Pindang Serani
Yellow fish soup with local basil and spice

7. Soto Ayam
Indonesian style yellow chicken soup



8. Ayam Bakar

Indonesian grilled chicken

9. Ayam Bumbu Bali
Chicken with red chilli sauce

10. Pepes Jamur
Steamed mushroom wrapped in banana leaves

11. Gulai Kentang/Ayam/Sapi
Potato/chicken/beef curry (spicy but not hot)

12. Opor Ayam
Chicken in coconut milk sauce

13. Kentang/Ayam/Beef Rendang
Potato/chicken/sapiIndonesian green curry

14. Sayuran Urap
Balinese style steamed vegetables with shredded coconut

15. Tum Ikan/Ayam
Steamed fish or chicken wrapped in banana leaves

16. Sate Lilit
Balinese style fish or chicken satay

17. Ikan Sambal Matah
Fish served with chopped raw spice and shrimp paste

18. Nasi Goreng / Mie Goreng
Fried rice or friend noodles 



18. Kolak
Banana, cassava & sweet potato in sweet coconut milk

19. Klepon
Traditional sticky rice balls with red coconut sugar, sprinkled with shredded coconut

20. Dadar Gulung Pisang
Rolled crepe filled with banana and chocolate

21. Dadar Gulung Kelapa
Rolled crepe filled with a sweet coconut filling

22. Mansion Kolang Kaling
Sweet palm fruit soup with cinnamon

**Most dishes can be vegetarian, replacing meat with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu or tempe


** All prices in US Dollars
*** Prices subject to change without prior notice