Cultural Dance Performance


There is a great richness of dance forms and styles in Bali; and particularly notable are those ritualistic dance dramas which involve Rangda, the witch, and the great beast Barong. Most dances in Bali are connected to Hindu rituals, such as the Sanghyang Dedari sacred dance that invoke hyang spirits which are believed to possess the dancers in a trance state during the performance. Other Balinese dances are not linked to religious rituals and created for certain purposes, such as Pendet welcoming dance and Joged dance that is a social dance for entertainment purpose.

You can watch these wonderful performances while enjoying dinner in Canggu or at a performance hall in Ubud. 


Where: Canggu or Ubud

Time: 7pm

Guest Fee: $20 or free if buying dinner at the Canggu venue $15 in Ubud

Other: Transport not included


** All prices in US Dollars
*** Prices subject to change without prior notice