Are you looking for a venue for a corporate event? Some place where you and a select group of your colleagues can focus undisturbed on your business for a few days with no distractions from other guests? Look no further; De Moksha's boutique size makes it possible to have the entire resort to yourselves and be truly away from the distractions. You will get more things done than you ever have before. Our multifunction entertainment room can be converted into a board room and we can provide all technology support you need to make your event successful. Of course we will provide you with all the culinary needs during your event aligned with your requirements.  

  • Luxurious intimate venue
  • Full board room facilities  
  • Fully catered out of our own restaurant in line with personal wishes
  • Up to 12 people (single occupancy) or 24 (twin share) 
  • Dinner social gatherings at our garden restaurant
  • We can incorporate teambuilding, yoga, meditation or culture experiences as part of the package