Discover Bali

Bali has it all, whatever it is you're looking for you can find it here. Observe the daily rituals of the Balinese people by visiting one of the many temples to witness a ceremony, or join one at De Moksha Resort. Plan a trip to local markets and get some produce to cook at the resort.

Alternatively, go on a shopping trip and end your day by having drinks on the beach to enjoy spectacular sunsets.

For the more active holiday seekers, Bali presents you with a variety of activities such as surfing, diving, snorkeling, climbing a volcano, hiking in one of the national parks or rowing a boat over one of the mountain lakes.

View our extensive list of activities by clicking the buttons below, or speak to us so that we can plan an unforgettable experience based on your interests, or participate in programs we recommend that highlight the authenticity of Balinese culture. 


Virtual tour of De Moksha Boutique Resort : You can swipe your finger to change the orientation of direction of the picture.